iPhone 11 iPhone 12 empty package box for shipping

Every year many consumer electronics digital manufacturers like Apple,Samsung,Huawei,Oppo,Vivo will release their new mobile phones and new pads, we will see major digital bloggers evaluate the products and for sure many different comments will be on the coming iPhone 14. Usually, the first step in the evaluation is: OPEN THE PACKAGE BOX.

Products Details

Open the outer packaging of the mobile phone right out of the packing box and take out the iPhone or Samsung Mobiles. Many people may have never paid attention to the packaging box itself, and throw away the packaging after unpacking. However, many people will especially enjoy the process of unpacking the product.For them, unpacking the product already has a sense of ritual, opening the exquisite package box and seeing the charming mobile phone inside, the phone in the box becomes so special. As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone packaging boxes, we buy the new iPhone released by Apple every year.Meanwhile at present,this time,August 2022,we are looking forwards to iPhone 14. We never throw away the box, but carefully study the structure and inlay inside the box, so that we can provide new iPhone packaging solution for Second-hand mobile phone wholesalers providing them with the highest quality packing box and robust shipping box. ♦ With the gradual increase in the number of Apple products purchased in recent years, the accumulation of packaging boxes has also increased. The following iPhone packaging box are the one we produce the most and are also The hottest box sold anywhere in the world. ♦ This is the iPhone 11 box, because the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are the same size, so this box perfectly fits these two iPhones. The only difference is only the paper such as instruction and user guide in the package inside. But usually, second-hand mobile phone wholesalers only require the iPhone Sim Card Pin packed in the box.so the mobile phone box we produce is completely universal for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

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