Samsung Packaging box for S Series S20 Note 20

At the time point of 2022, iPhone and Samsung definitely occupy the vast majority of the high-end mobile phone market. In addition to the quality of the mobile phone itself, their mobile phone packaging boxes are relatively industry-specific and innovative, especially in this era when most mobile phone packaging boxes and electronic product packaging boxes are made of corrugated paper, but Apple has opened new era of the mobile phone packaging box.let's discuss the unique aspects of the well-known iPhone and Samsung mobile phone packaging boxes.

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Of course, in fact, there are still many unique changes, and there is no way for the mobile phone packaging box factory to point out them one by one, but today, these revolutionary things still affect everyone's purchasing habits and some usage habits of mobile phone products, such as Box type, internal product layout, etc. In order to adapt to the vigorous development of the second-hand mobile phone market faster, as a professional mobile phone packaging box manufacturer, we also follow the development of Samsung mobile phone packaging boxes and iPhone mobile phone packaging boxes. In terms of product quality, we are very confident that we can meet all the needs of used mobile phone dealers,especially for Samsung S series models.1. Packing Inlay In fact, many inner trays are currently divided into three materials occupying the supply chain of the mobile phone packaging box. One is the more common blister, which is used by Apple and Samsung. and the second is that everyone usually EVA is also seen in other packaging box customization,like Custom packing box,shipping box, but EVA is more likely to appear in some cosmetic packaging, or in some very high-end electronic product gift boxes, so this material is rarely seen in the general mobile phone market. As we recommend,most of the used phone wholesaler,they are willing to use EVA to custom there own mobile phone package box.The third is the material that has been eliminated, paper inner support, paper inner support is generally used in the still or corrugated box, because the thickness of the paper inner support is very thick, much thicker than single copper paper, so if you use In the current box of electronic product packaging box manufacturers, it will appear out of place, so the wind direction of inner support has always been dominated by blister.Materials Before 2012, when Nokia occupied the mobile phone market share, the corrugated box was basically the standard configuration of the mobile phone packaging box. Because of the double-layered nature of the corrugated box, its shock-absorbing ability was relatively high, and it was pasted with a layer of rich colors. In fact, it has reached people's consumption aesthetic standards. However, due to the innovation of products, Android and IOS systems quickly occupied the market. Their market changes also brought about obvious changes in packaging styles. The corrugated boxes of the previous mobile phone packaging box factories were directly eliminated. It is the tacit understanding between each other. The unification has been replaced by the cardboard + paper-laminated model. The operation of changing the dynasty was completed almost in 2011, which is really shocking.

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