White Samsung mobile phone packaging box for S10 S20 Note 10 Note 20

Different product packaging boxes have different emphasis in design and different forms of presentation. Mobile phone packaging is the hottest product on the market. Next, we will introduce what we mainly concern during the custom process of the most popular iPhone packaging boxes, iPad packaging boxes, Macbook packaging boxes, Samsung S series packaging boxes, and Samsung Note series in the second-hand mobile phone market. In the production of the packaging box, what are our main concerns?

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We will design the artwork according to the sample of the mobile phone packaging box, draw the design lines on the cardboard, and then print it out 1:1, simply fold the box, and see if the size structure between the box cover, inner tray,inlay, etc. is reasonable.  Before designing each mobile phone packaging box, we must determine its size. When determining the size of the box, we need to look at the material used for the box in the later stage of printing, that is, the paper thickness of the box. Most of them are corrugated and uncorrugated. Therefore, before designing, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the paper to scale the size. ♦ After the sample comes out, we will mail it to the customer for confirmation. If it needs to be adjusted, we will re-design and typesetting in the vector software.  If the shape of the mobile phone packaging box required by the second-hand mobile phone wholesaler is relatively special, then we must draw the cutting line, and group all the cutting lines in the design together, because the printing factory makes the model according to the cutting line . ♦ The packaging box is also a printed matter, so the pictures and graphics we use must be in CMYK color mode. The definition of the picture must be higher than 300, such as the mobile phone model, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro or Samsung Note 10, Samsung S20, such as the LOGO that the customer needs to print, these all require high-resolution pictures. Otherwise, the finished product of the mobile phone box may be blurred.

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